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"I can't believe how much pain relief and improvement in range of motion I've realized in my neck and shoulder which were damaged by accidents 30-40 years ago! Nearly miraculous and totally unexpected after living with gradual decline and increasing pain for so many years! Don't miss the opportunity to see how effective Kathy is by incorporating the many treatment options which she has available in her office. It's easy to see how a lifetime devoted to physical therapy has enabled her to develop world class treatment options!!"
Dec 10, 2020
"The experience I'm having at Hammer Rehab and Fitness is exceptional. This is the best results I've ever had with PT. I am greatly impressed and thankful for all they have done and are doing. "
Feb 29, 2020
"I am so happy with the care I am receiving from the staff here. I can do things now that I couldn't do before. I am coming all the way from Illinois to Hammer Rehab and Fitness. The staff educates me if questions I ask them. The body weight support system is what has helped me be able to walk more and get me out of my recliner. The staff is so friendly and treats myself and other patients with so much respect. I enjoy coming here and advise others to come here as well. I am so thankful for everyone here."
Dec 17, 2019
"Kathy and her staff are wonderful! Everyone at the office is always welcoming and smiling! I came in with severe low back pain, SI pain, shooting leg pain and other issues. After seeing Kathy just a couple visits I began to see significant improvement! I have seen two chiropractors in the past and they didn't even accomplish half of what Kathy was able to! I am forever grateful to Kathy!! I will definitely be recommending her to all my family and friends! Thank you!!"
Dec 17, 2019
" Long story short, having been told I lean to the left, having difficulty rising from the floor and having back pain, I engaged the Hammer organization for help. I found the therapists and office staff to be very very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. By following the suggested regimen, I've noticed significant improvement and highly recommend considering conferring with them to determine if there's a potential match for what ails you."
Dec 15, 2019
" After having my ACL knee surgery, I choose Hammer Rehab for the physical therapy that followed. They have a great staff and make you feel right at home. I made outstanding progress and even my Dr was impressed with the recovery time. My PT is just about over and I can't say enough good things about them. Thanks again Kathy"
Nov 20, 2018
"Last month I visited Hammer Rehab Clinic in Big Bend, Wisconsin while visiting friends in the Waukesha area. I live in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil and I was not feeling well, I had a terrible pain in my left leg. It was swollen and I could not walk well. Then I found about this Rehab Clinic and decided to visit and find out if they could help me somehow to diminish or eliminate my pain. I was treated by Kathy Hammer, the owner of the Clinic and she offered to give me a treatment using laser and electric shocks in my left leg. I went there twice and the treatment must have helped me, because I felt much better after only two consecutive days of treatment. For years before going there it was hard to pick up my leg (it felt like a piece of wood) when I went up and down stairs and did daily activities. As a result of the treatment I was able to do many tours and go site seeing that I would not have been able to do otherwise. After the treatment, my leg felt much lighter (the swelling went down and I felt very little pain). I can also sleep much better. Now I am back home, in Rio and I am still feeling well. I recommend her treatment to anyone feeling the same or similar pain I felt. Very good job!!! Thank you very much Kathy!"
Nov 06, 2018
"My experience at Hammer Rehab was phenomenal! I came to Hammer Rehab and Fitness after I tore tendons and ligaments in my ankle because I dislocated it so severely. They not only helped me repair and strengthen my ankle so it would heal, they also helped me strengthen my overall body so I could function more normally while I was healing. Everyone was always very friendly and ready to help. There was a possibility that I would have to have further surgery if my ankle didn't heal well but thanks to Kathy I was able to forgo more surgery. I have no problems with my ankle after I completed my treatment. I would recommend Hammer Rehab to anyone who needed PT. Bottom line if you are looking for a great PT experience choose Hammer Rehab and Fitness! "
Nov 06, 2018
"I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my experience at Hammer Rehab and Fitness Center where I have been treated by two physical therapists. They are both very compassionate and knowledgeable and always took the time to listen to all of my symptoms and concerns. They provided hands on treatment and their skills are incredible. I have continued to make huge improvements after each visit. I was recommended exercises to help strengthen my body. Hammer Rehab has an on site extensive fitness center which makes it very convenient for me to be able to exercise at my convenience. My husband has also joined the fitness center and has received customized training from Nicole, who is the full time personal trainer at Hammer Rehab. I highly recommend Hammer Rehab to anyone who needs an excellent physical therapist or is looking for a great fitness center. "
Apr 09, 2018
"Hammer rehab and fitness was my 1st experience with Physical Therapy. I had a bulging disk in my lower back with a pinched sciatic nerve. I couldnt walk, sit, lay, roll over for 2 days before I was referred by a friend to Kathy Hammer. On my very first visit, I came in barely walking and groaning in severe pain. When I left, I walked barely with a limp and hardly any pain! It was a miracle! I came once a week for 8 weeks, but was pretty much healed half way through. I had been able to stop taking ibuprofen, I could finally sleep, and work was no longer a constant whole day of pain. Being that I have a very active lifestyle, I think Kathy saved my life! I look forward to be able to continue with all my activities pain free, and with the stretches and exercises Kathy has taught me, I know I will be able to!"
Mar 12, 2018
"Kathryn Hammer has literally given me a new life. Recently my Daughter-In-Law asked me why I don't go to the YMCA to use their facilities like I use to on Silver Sneakers? I told her because when I did, I was always overdoing the exercises, thinking I would get better faster, I was actually hurting myself using the machines wrong. I am disabled and have struggled with my health for years, growing increasingly less functional and weaker as time went by. I have multiple orthopedic joint damage and a collapsed disc in my lower back. I could barely walk, I was weak and in constant pain especially in my back and L Shoulder and R ankle. I was a fall risk as well and had multiple nasty falls. Of course I had been to other Physical Therapist but, they would often give me exercises that were painful or impossible for me to do. They would do heat, cold and attach me to machines. As I got progressively worse, they gave up on me. I often had to use a W/C or Walker to get around or risk falling, I could barely make it through my day and spent a LOT of time in bed. I told my D-I-L that at Hammer Rehab and fitness, Kathryn was much more careful with me than past Therapists, more knowledgeable and experienced and she never gave up on me. She was very careful to give me specific exercises that I could add reps to. Kathryn helped me to strengthen and stabilize my body by building me up slowly and working on my core strength. Finally I said that if I did what Kathryn told me to do it worked! All that has changed in this last year. I now can drive safely, I walk without a Walker to keep me upright. I no longer am falling. I'm getting progressively stronger and am able to live a much fuller life. I don't have to take the all the pain pills I had to before I started going to Hammer Rehab, I'm able to manage my pain with stretches and exercise. I still have work to do but now I have hope and a fuller life as well. Thank you Kathryn Hammer! You're the Best!"
Feb 05, 2018


Read this if you want relief from pain. Kathy Hammer sent me a birthday card, that changed my life. I've been limping around on a arthritic knee for years in a lot of pain, the knee doctor said I need a operation, so do exercises to strengthen the knee for the operation. I thought of Kathy's gym and made an appointment to get help. Help is what I got, Kathy worked on my knee so much that all the pain is gone and I'm able to walk, run and dance without pain. I will hold off the operation as long as I can. I thank God everyday for the help I got from Kathy. - Emily B.

Our clients with spinal cord injuries tell us:

"We love using the body weight support system to feel like we are walking again."

"I know I can walk faster now without fear of falling. Because of your therapy program I can now return to work full time at my previous job." - Post Stroke Survivor

"I came here because it was close to home, I continued here because the PT gave me good information about my condition and helped me to be able to take care of my home and to walk safer."

"I've learned from my OT how to use many common devices to make my homemaking and daily life easier. I now know how to conserve my energy for the things I love to do; not only that, I've learned the right exercises to make my hands, arms, and trunk stronger. It's fun when you can see the improvements and when they challenge you to do more!"