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First the paperwork…. Yes we know it is another pain that you would like to avoid. However, this gives us a picture of who you are at the moment, what you have been able to do in the past and where you want to be down the road. It’s not just about your injury, your pain or your dysfunction. It’s about you and how we can help you attain a fuller , more active lifestyle, to better understand your body and how it should work for you.


Meet your new therapist: then receive a head to toe visual analysis motion and functional assessment:

To achieve that we need to know what works, if your musculoskeletal structures are in alignment so that you can move about freely from one activity to the next. If you have any specific weak points , muscle spasms, acute or chronic pain symptoms. We will also check out your other body systems as they relate to moving about. If all systems are in order you may only need to work on a strengthening program. But most likely you have tried exercise before and it didn’t make the pain go away, maybe made it worse or you just gave up and said I will just have to put up with the pain, take pain meds or resort to surgery.

Pain– Stems from the lack of good circulation to areas where you have pain. When things are twisted, misaligned or strained or torn it is difficult for your body to move in smooth coordinated fashion that promotes good circulatory, neurological and lymphatic circulation.

Goal: Find the Source and ELIMINATE the Pain!

Modalities: May Include the Use of Ultrasound, Hi volt Electrical Stimulation, Laser, Interferrential Current, Dry Needling, and/or Cupping, Vibration or other modalities they are contributing to improved circulation, pain reduction and increased function of your total body.

Range of motion/ Mobility – You need the gradual increase in mobility from your original restriction to full mobility to reach your goals.

Ways to increase your mobility, use of your muscles and limbs and then the development of advanced skills.

Total Motion Release (TMR) – A Unique way to increase your mobility, use your muscles and limbs and then be able to develop your advanced skills.

Manual Hands-on techniques by our skilled therapists to help your body get aligned to it’s “normal” positioning.

Techniques they may use are myofascial release, strain- counter-strain, cranial sacral techniques, soft tissue mobilization, joint and spinal mobilization, manipulation, manual stretching, sustained stretches, Manual guidance of your body parts through movements will assist you to achieve movements you may not have done

Neuro Re-education – development smaller movements and balance activities that lead to the full active exercise of your arm, leg trunk or full body.

Therapeutic Exercise – Exercises that may begin by your therapist performing them for you; then assist your movements. Once you have enough strength and enough range of motion, you then can do them by yourself and will be given a home program that you will be able to do on a daily basis.

Therapeutic Activities – These are the beginning stages of the activities that you are here to resume for self cares, work, care of your home, yard, fitness and your chosen recreational, sports activities. This includes use of our Woodway Body Weight Support over Treadmill System.

It is our goal to get you to the Therapeutic Activity Stage as soon as possible so that you can be out and about in the world of your family, home, work and a move come over recreation.

Your friends and family will welcome the “New You”.

Finish your experience with our therapists, ready to tackle the world, to let others know of your care at Hammer Rehab & Fitness Center and return to a fuller life.

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