Ultrasound & Stim

Hammer Rehab & Fitness Center

Smartsound Ultrasound with Hi-Volt E-Stim

This device can be used in different ways including ultrasound by itself, hi volt by itself and Ultrasound and Hi-Volt combination.

It is known to be effective in treating acute pain, chronic pain, edema, strains, fractures, muscle spasms, muscle weakness and/or neurological issues. It is very effective in treating wounds from superficial cuts and post-surgical scars to deep non-healing diabetic wounds.

Smartsound applications work by increasing local circulation, improved lymphatic drainage, promoting nutrients, waste transport, complex biochemical mechanisms and healing reactions.

The unique features of SmartSound have an ultrasound frequency of 2.2 Mhz vs. 1,0 or 3.0 Mhz. This frequency is absorbed over a tissue depth suited to treat hand, feet, knees and facial areas. For 1 Mhz depth, an ultrasound device such as the Dynawave 601 is better suited for massive muscle tissue of the thighs and hips. A 3.0 Mhz is absorbed mostly superficially typical for epidermal tissue.


When using the Hi volt (twin-peaked pulses) alone in the Electrical stimulation mode the pulse rate is from 10-1000 pulses per second over 50-second intervals. This automatically provides optimum frequencies for endorphin production (pain control) and circulation enhancement (healing). When the ultrasound is used in combination with the Hi volt Electrical Stimulation, its pulse rate is also swept and is synchronized to the Hi volt Electrical Stimulation. When used alone it can be set to constant or pulsed frequencies depending on where the healing stage of the tissue that is being treated is at.

Other types of Electrical Stimulation used with our clients for pain control, relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing local blood supply, improved lymphatic function and muscle re-education include Interferential current, Russian Stim and Micro-current, and Bi-phasic current.