We provide Physical Therapy for school age children, adolescent and teens, kids ages 3-21 with injuries sustained from falls, car accidents, playgrounds, and/or sports, recreational activity. In addition, we see children and teens who have developmental/congenital issues from birth that have resulted in compromised attainment of every day movement and skills. An individual plan of care is provided, tailored to the child and their family after in depth discussions that review all the circumstances involved that contribute to the potential for time to carry over therapy at home.

It is our goal to get each child/adolescent ready and able to perform every day activities and/ or to return to their favorite sports activity with full strength and minimal to no pain. Therapy is essential to rehab sprains, tendonitis, fractures, neck pain, back pain, postural deficiencies and post-surgery referrals. Timely, safe return to a sport(s) is always part of the process. Coordination and communication with the child/adolescent, therapist, family, physician, athletic trainers and sports medicine personnel is essential for success.