Silver Sneakers


SilverSneakers is a free fitness program for seniors that’s helping millions of boomers and beyond defy the odds, shatter stereotypes and answer every challenge with, “I can do this!” SilverSneakers includes unlimited access to every participating gym and fitness center in the network. That’s a gym membership at more than 13,000 locations with unrestricted access to EVERY location. Weights, treadmills, and other amenities are included.

Insurance companies that support Silver Neakers

  • AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    • Anthem Dual Advantage (HMO SNP)
    • Anthem MediBlue Select (HMO)
    • Anthem Medicare Preferred Core (PPO)
    • Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard (PPO)
    • Anthem Medicare Supplement – basic plan
  • Humana
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Medicare Supplement
  • Icare
    • Icare family care partnership (HMO, SNP)
    • Icare Medicare Plan (HMO, SNP)
    • ICare Aurora Special Needs plan HMO, SNP
  • Medica
    • Medica Prime Solution
  • Network Health
    • Network Platinumselect (PPO)
    • Network Platinumplus (PPO)
    • Network PlantinumPlus Pharmacy (PPO)
    • Network PlatinumPremier (PPO)
    • Network PlatinumPremier Pharmacy (PPO)
    • Networkcares (PPO, SNP)
    • Network Health Medicare Go (PPO)
    • Network Health Medicare Anywhere (PPO)
  • WEA Trust
    • WEA Trust
    • WEA-Medplus