American Specialty Health

  • Active & Fit Under 65 y.o.
    • Employer Groups such as: Walmart, Nordstrom
    • Choose from a nationwide network of 8,300+ standard fitness centers for just $32/month. Plus, you have the option to join any of our 2,000+ premium exercise studios and get 20-70% discounts on most memberships. No long-term contracts gives you the flexibility to switch fitness centers and cancel when you need to keep you active either way.

      A direct-to-consumer fitness program offering flexibility and choice at one low cost.

  • Silver & Fit Over 65 y.o.
    • Enjoy the freedom of a flexible fitness program.

      With flexible options to support any healthy aging journey, you can exercise at a fitness center, join classes and events from home, and access personalized resources to enhance your well-being. Available through participating Medicare plans.

  • Insurance companies
    • WPS- access to multiple centers available
    • BCBS of Wisconsin-Afinity Discount (Choose Healthy)
    • Health Partners
    • MHS Managed Health Services Wisconsin
    • Dean Health Plan

Check your plan to see what it has to offer.