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"Kathryn Hammer has literally given me a new life. Recently my Daughter-In-Law asked me why I don't go to the YMCA to use their facilities like I use to on Silver Sneakers? I told her because when I did, I was always overdoing the exercises, thinking I would get better faster, I was actually hurting myself using the machines wrong. I am disabled and have struggled with my health for years, growing increasingly less functional and weaker as time went by. I have multiple orthopedic joint damage and a collapsed disc in my lower back. I could barely walk, I was weak and in constant pain especially in my back and L Shoulder and R ankle. I was a fall risk as well and had multiple nasty falls. Of course I had been to other Physical Therapist but, they would often give me exercises that were painful or impossible for me to do. They would do heat, cold and attach me to machines. As I got progressively worse, they gave up on me. I often had to use a W/C or Walker to get around or risk falling, I could barely make it through my day and spent a LOT of time in bed. I told my D-I-L that at Hammer Rehab and fitness, Kathryn was much more careful with me than past Therapists, more knowledgeable and experienced and she never gave up on me. She was very careful to give me specific exercises that I could add reps to. Kathryn helped me to strengthen and stabilize my body by building me up slowly and working on my core strength. Finally I said that if I did what Kathryn told me to do it worked! All that has changed in this last year. I now can drive safely, I walk without a Walker to keep me upright. I no longer am falling. I'm getting progressively stronger and am able to live a much fuller life. I don't have to take the all the pain pills I had to before I started going to Hammer Rehab, I'm able to manage my pain with stretches and exercise. I still have work to do but now I have hope and a fuller life as well. Thank you Kathryn Hammer! You're the Best!"
Feb 05, 2018

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Our clients with spinal cord injuries tell us:

"We love using the body weight support system to feel like we are walking again."

"I know I can walk faster now without fear of falling. Because of your therapy program I can now return to work full time at my previous job." - Post Stroke Survivor

"I came here because it was close to home, I continued here because the PT gave me good information about my condition and helped me to be able to take care of my home and to walk safer."

"I've learned from my OT how to use many common devices to make my homemaking and daily life easier. I now know how to conserve my energy for the things I love to do; not only that, I've learned the right exercises to make my hands, arms, and trunk stronger. It's fun when you can see the improvements and when they challenge you to do more!"