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What is WorkSTEPS® and why would my business use WorkSTEPS®?

WorkSTEPS2Hammer Rehab & Fitness Ltd is a WorkSTEPS licensee for performing nationally recognized Post Offer Testing.

Hammer Rehab & Fitness can assist you in expediting rehabilitation and return your employees to full work duty after a legitimate injury and/or non-work related injury with confidence the worker will not be re-injured if returned safely to a job they are capable of performing.

Hammer Rehab & Fitness Center is prepared and equipped to assist you in implementing individualized Corporate Wellness Programs.

WorkSTEPS1Reduce insurance costs and lost time by using pre-hire employment testing

  • Job Site Assessments
  • Ergonomic Screens & Recommendations
  • State of the Art Post-Injury Rehab
  • For mild to severe injuries
  • Certified WorkSTEPS® Functional Capacity Evaluations for Return to Work or Disability Assessment

Reduce EmployeeTurn-Over

  • Each employee takes the equivalent of 18 months of their salary to replace and train a new employee replacement!
  • If you hire the right employee you can avoid this risk.

WorkSTEPS3WorkSTEPS® Employment Testing Systems

  • Identifies persons who have pre-existing conditions, degenerative or cumulative trauma disorders.
  • Identifies persons who did not meet specific strength and/or aerobic requirements.
  • Assists employers in appropriately matching current and new employees safe/appropriate job positions.
  • Collects baseline physical measurements for comparative analysis post-injury or trauma.